An interactive PDF and EPUB of WIRED magazine was developed using creative and practical aspects of digital publishing. The interactive magazine was designed to be accessible for the iPad, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computers. A variety of tools were used to create the interactive elements and animation for the publication. (Student Project | Source: WIRED Magazine)

Focus 05 Subway Banner

Focus 05 is a restaurant located in Manhattan's trendy Soho district with a desire to attract a Millennial target market. They determined their previous branding strategy missed the mark and requested a subway banner since the restaurant is located across the street from a busy subway station. A subway banner was developed based on a user-centric, solution-based approach to solve the design challenge and attract the desired target market.

Pasta Amore Menu

Pasta Amore is a restaurant that combines the cooking traditions and ingredients of Italy with creativity, providing a modern twist on timeless classics. The restaurant required an updated menu that reflected its mission statement and vision. Through the use of graphic design and word-processing software applications, a menu was developed for Pasta Amore.

Pasta Amore Brochure

A brochure was created for Pasta Amore that maintains similar design elements to the menu for a cohesive brand identity.

Lil' Guppies Scuba School Brand Identity

Lil' Guppies Scuba School is a small business that provides scuba diving lessons to children. The business needed to develop a brand identity to attract children and parents so logos and stationery were designed. Additional branding guidelines were provided to the business.

Amethyst Bay Resort & Spa Magazine Ad

Amethyst Bay Resort & Spa is a Caribbean resort that needed a magazine ad to advertise a promotional offer in travel magazines. Using digital editing techniques and visual hierarchy, a magazine ad was developed to attract new guests.

Logitech Interactive Digital Ad

An interactive ad was designed for Logitech, accessible as an interactive PDF and EPUB. The ad features a video, CTA button and clickable links so users can learn more about Logitech's MX Vertical mouse in a more engaging way. (Student Project | Source: Logitech)

Frutiger Typeface Profile Design

Typography encompasses the language of type, typeface and character recognition, legibility, appropriate uses of scale and grid systems, and the individual visual dynamics of letterforms. Using information hierarchy and elements of design, the Frutiger typeface is presented in an informational and visual layout for digital or print.

'Are the Planets Inhabited?' Magazine Spread

A magazine spread emphasizing typography and layout using elements and principles of design.

Emilia Clarke Typography Portrait

For this artistic project, typography was employed to create portrait imagery using several techniques and tools.